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Boost GitHub Analytics to know what's happening with your professional accounts. Discover new possibilities of growth staying on the cutting edge.

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Developer audience insight

Measure interest in your personal profile and the projects you are involved in.

Personal Hype

Get information about people's interest in your professional activities to effectively promote your personal brand

Profile views
Collect profile hits with an invisible pixel in the README file of your GitHub profile
Following history
Track the dynamics of changes in the number of subscribers to your GitHub profile

Product Hype

Add repositories from personal and organizational accounts in one click and learn detailed information about the audience that uses your product without a 14 day limit

Stars history
Visualize repository popularity with historical data of adding and removing stars
Traffic sources
Overview traffic sources to understand the best promotion tools
Views history
Observe views count and visitors count of your repositories
Downloads history
Track repository downloads and cloning statistics

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Frequently asked questions

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Why does the profile views counter increase every time the page is reloaded?
We can only increase the counter when GitHub tells us to do so, but we don't know who was the original initiator of the request.

This is because GitHub proxies all image URLs through the GitHub Camo service. The IP address and user agent are always the same, they are replaced with Camo service ones.